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Password Safe for Android

For Users of a Android smartphone (Android 2.0 or better) there's Password Safe for Android. It's still under development. The current version is a simple viewer that shows the content of a password file that has been created on the PC.

Make sure, that your password files have been written from the current version 5.0. You also need to change your encryption method to "AES (compatible with Android). Files created with the demo version cannot be loaded.


The application is available on the Android Market, just search for "bagusoft".

Or use a QR code scanner to jump directly to the page:


Preparing the password file

  1. If you did not update already, use the Check for Update function in the program to download the current version 5.0 of Bagusoft Password Safe.
  2. Open your password file.
  3. Click on Master Password in the menu File and enter your password three times (if you're not going to change it now).
  4. Select the Encryption method "AES (compatible with Android)"
  5. Click OK and save the file.
  6. Copy the password file to the smartphone. The file must be on the root of the SD card or a sub folder with the name pwsafe. You can also use the function Mobile Copy, which allows you to synchronize the password files every time the smartphone is connected to the PC.

Running the app

When you start Bagusoft Password Safe for Android you see all pwsafe files that are found on the root of the SD card and the pwsafe sub folder. Click the file you want to open and enter your password.

Displaying folders

Click on any sub folder or entry to open it

Displaying entries

Click on a password it will be displayed for a short time.

Click on any data object to show a popup menu with some commands for that data object, like Copy.