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Password Safe Frequently Asked Questions

Is blowfish encryption safe enough?

Yes, definitely. With 448 bit the encryption key is longer than most passwords. It's impossible to crack a password file directly. A potential cracker would try to guess your master password. So it's really important to have a long master password that is a mixture of characters and numbers. It's the only password you need to remember if you are using Bagusoft Password Safe. And since your enter it every time when opening the password file, there should be no risk to forget it.

I've forgotten the master password. How can I open my file?

I'm sorry, but there is definitely no way to open a file without master password. There is no  "super password" or other loopholes. If you want to make sure that you never loose your data, you should print it and keep the printout at a save place.

Can I start the application from a USB disc?

Yes, just use the command "Mobile copy" in the "File" menu. This copies the current file to your USB disc and - if you like - adds the application. If you start this application on another computer, no data will be written to the computers hard disc or its registry.

Is Password Safe multi user aware?

You can have another password file for each user, but it's not possible that two users open a file at the same time for editing. Only one user can open the file normally, the other users can open it "read-only".

AutoFill: Can I send a 'back-tab' to the target window?

Use this command to move the cursor to the previous tab position:

SendKeys "{SHIFT}{TAB}"

AutoFill: How can I make sure that the caps key is not locked when sending keystrokes to the target window?

Use this command to switch off caps-lock: