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Password Safe 5 - Main Features

Tree Structure

All entries are stored in a tree structure like the file system. This helps you to organize the different data types. The sample shows two folders, one which contains access data for internet sites and one with your personal data for online banking.

Encryption Algorithms

Bagusoft Password Safe offers three different algorithms to encrypt the data. The key is created from the master password. So every file with another master password uses another key to encrypt the data.

The password nor the encryption key are stored in the files.

During runtime the data is only decrypted if it's used for display. The data in memory is the same as on disk. If the application is locked no decrypted data is stored in memory so it is not possible to retrieve any password without knowing the master password.


Many features like Key Logger Protection, Virtual Keyboard or Clipboard Viewer Protection make sure, that your Passwords can be entered and used in the most secure way.


This is a very efficient feature to write user names and passwords to dialogs or internet pages if they are displayed. Login to your favorite internet site with only one click without storing passwords to cookies or password lists.

Password Files

You can manage an arbitrary number of password files. For example one password file for each user working on your computer. When started, all recently loaded files plus all files from the same folder as pwsafe.exe are listed. 

Defining Data Entries

Does your favorite internet site need two passwords for logon? No problem, Bagusoft Password Safe allows you to define your own data entries.

Each entry consists of some basic data types that can be named and combined arbitrarily.

Mobile Copy

Write you password file together with the application to a USB disc. If you start this application on another computer, no data will be written to the computers hard disc or its registry.


Bagusoft Password Safe comes with some pre-defined templates like password entry, PIN card or software license. You can define more templates for your personal requirements.


The entries of a folder can be sorted alphabetically.

Searching for text

A find feature allows you to search for a specific text. The Quick Find feature searches entries without dialog - just type a part of the entry name and it will be selected.

Using TAN Lists

Store  TAN lists for online banking. Each time you use a TAN, it is marked as used. Store additional data like the amount of your transaction and a note.

You can also define indexed TANs (iTAN).


Password Generator

The password generator can be used to create random passwords. Most password crackers use large dictionaries to try each password. The generated passwords don't exist in any dictionary. If you generate passwords that are as long as possible you have best safety. And - using Password Safe - you never have to memorize or to write these passwords.

Compact View

Password Safe can be displayed in compact mode. Together with the "Always on top" feature this gives you the possibility to have your passwords in sight without covering too much space on your screen.

Assign any icon to entries

Assign an arbitrary symbol to your entry. You can extract an icon from any .dll or .exe file on your computer or you can download the favicon.ico from a website. The icon is encrypted and stored inside your password file.


Export your password files or parts of it to HTML or text files. These files can be printed or used in other software. Just make sure to delete them after use, for they contain unencrypted data.

Or you can export parts of the password file to the encrypted Password Safe format. This is useful if you want to split your password file.


Import other password files or CSV files from other password tools. This configuration dialog helps you to assign the content of a CSV file to fields in Password Safe.


Merging password files is like importing. The difference is that Password Safe recognizes existing entries and imports only new or changed data.


Print your data to have an paper copy of your important data. Store the printouts at a safe place to be sure to have always access to your data.

Quick Access

Any URL, user name or password can be added to the Quick Access menu. With one click you can open your favorite URL or copy a user name or a password to the clipboard.

Expiration of passwords

Some passwords need to be changed periodically. With Bagusoft Password Safe you can assign a expiration date to each entry.