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Password Safe Version History

Version 5.1, January 2012

  • Back/Forward commands also work with app command keys available on some keyboards
  • Sorting of entries can also be done with drag/drop (when running on Windows 7)
  • Bugfix: When a user opened a file normally, another user who opened the same file as 'read-only' got the message "Unexpected file format.". This bug is fixed.

Version 5.0, February 2011

  • New data format for compatibility with Android smartphones.
  •  Imports CSV files with "Folder Tree" column, that is separated by |
  • Bugfix: Adding embedded files refreshes the file list
  • Bugfix: Embedded files are synchronized 

Version 4.3, June 2010

  • High color icons with alpha channel are now supported
  • New object type: Reference
  • The Merge dialog is resizable
  • The script command SelectChar shows its window at the top of the target window
  • New Option: Synchronize automatically when saving the file
  • Customizing entries and re-ordering data objects is now done by dragging symbols
  • Shortcuts for Enable Autofill and Reset AutoFill
  • New security option: Lock application if screensaver is running
  •  KeePass 2.0 XML files can be imported
  • New import dialog

Version 4.2, October 2008

  • In the lower area of the main window an optional info field with a 'Tip of the Day' is shown.
  • If the computer enters StandBy or Hibernation, the application is locked
  • New learn mode to learn passwords, PINs etc. by heart
  • Enhanced export dialog with preview
  • New export format: CSV
  • Better icon selection in the edit dialog
  • New layout of the edit dialog
  • When you modified data in the edit dialog you will be warned, when you press Cancel
  • New script command: SelectChar
  • New script command: SubScript
  • Bugfix: The usage time in the TAN dialog was incorrect
  • Bugfix: In Windows Classic display mode the desk panes are now always blue with white text
  • Bugfix: Pressing Enter in the edit dialog could hide parts of the dialog
  • Bugfix: When importing CSV data, passwords are now read correctly

Version 4.1, December 2007

  • Bugfix: License information has not been written to Mobile Copy
  • Bugfix: Duplicate entries in task bar menu
  • New encryption mode "No Password"
  • eWallet files can be imported

Version 4.0, November 2007

  • A folder display contains now a clear overview of the data objects in the contained entries.
  • The program has been optimized for Windows NT 2000/XP, Vista.
    Windows 95/98/Me are not supported anymore.
  • The program now supports Unicode.
  • New option when searching entries: Find all
  • A search can be stored permanently.
  • The settings of the Password Generator can be stored with the data object.
  • Files can be embedded to entries.
  • New command to go to the support forums in the Internet.
  • New command to get information about program updates
  • You can append a name to backup files (e.g. _backup)
  • During runtime it is checked if the opened file can still be accessed. E.g. if it's on a USB stick, which is removed, the program is closed automatically. If data has been changed you will be prompted to store the file to another folder.

Version 3.5, April 2007

  • Mobile copies can be marked for synchronization
  • Entries that have been used for AutoFill are listed in the branch "AutoFill" in the main window.
  • With the command Back and Forward you can jump to the recently selected entries or folders.
  • Index values for TAN lists are no more restricted to numbers.
  • The bulb symbol to show passwords for a short time has been moved to avoid being clicked accidentally.
  • The script command MsgBox also hides the main window if this option is set

Version 3.3, August 2006

  • Key logger protection when entering the master password
  • Virtual keyboard to enter the master password in the most secure way
  • Clipboard viewer protection
  • The data format has been changed to allow the Pocket PC version to save data
  • The font size for main display can be increased
  • URL fields can contain commands, e.g. "firefox" to use Firefox, even if Internet Explorer is the default browser
  • Option when changing a password "Keep a copy of this password". This helps changing the password on web sites or in other programs where you need the previous password.
  • Single data objects can be deleted from within the main window. Just open the data object dialog, then click on "Delete"
  • Bug fix: {Ctrl} 0 works again in scripts

Version 3.2, February 2006

  • New option when opening files "Open read-only"
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary error message when writing backups removed
  • New button in Compact Mode to select the parent folder
  • The command MsgBox for AutoFill has an option to close the message box automatically after some seconds. 
  • Enhancement of the AutoFill command SendKeys to send special characters and to support Internet Explorer 7. 
  • The AutoFill message box has a button Goto Entry. This cancels AutoFill and displays the entry

Version 3.1, September 2005

  • New design for menus and toolbars
  • Better support for multi-monitor systems
  • Support for iTAN online banking 
  • Bugfix: Warning prompt when overwriting a mobile copy
  • Backup files are also written when opening a password file that has been changed on another computer

Version 3.0, February 2005

  • New button Save in the dialog Edit Entry to save the data without closing the dialog
  • Script commands are edited in single dialogs.
  • In the dialog Edit Entry you can change the folder of an entry
  • The system tray menu has a sub menu New...
  • New command Collapse Tree in the Menu View
  • Templates can contain arbitrary symbols.
  • The first eight templates are contained in the main window's toolbar
  • The entry header on the right side of the main window can be clicked.
  • The height of notes is adjusted dynamically depending on the content
  • Single objects can be moved or copied to other entries.
  • New function: Quick Find
  • Files can be embedded in the password file.
  • New command: Mobile Copy

Version 2.2, April 2004

  • Define templates for new entries
  • Write backups when saving a password file
  • Display of file properties
  • The tray icon is displayed always
  • The automatic locking of the application works even if dialogs are opened
  • The tray icon blinks one minute before locking automatically. Locking can be suppressed by clicking on the tray icon.
  • New option: Minimize application when closing the main window
  • Bugfix: After script command MsgBox the focus is returned to the target window.

Version 2.1, January 2004

  • Assign a different symbol to each entry. Load any icon.
  • Print selected entries
  • Export to HTML file
  • Import .csv files
  • Merge files
  • When the program is used without installation (e.g. with USB stick on a different computer) no data is stored on the computer or in the registry.

Version 2.0, October 2003

  • Drag passwords to input fields
  • Compact Mode
  • AutoFill
  • Export, Import
  • Print
  • QuickAccess
  • Expiration of passwords