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Password Safe 5

Why do I need a password saver?

If you're registered on several internet sites or if you have many PIN cards there are a lot of passwords and PINs to remember. Some people use the same password for all sites, but this is not very safe.  You never know what happens with your password and how it is sent to an internet site. Better use another password for each site. But how to remember all these passwords without writing them to your notebook? 

The concept of a password safer is to store all this data in a single file which can be accessed with one single password. Want to use a very long password with characters and numbers for best security? No Problem, it's the only password you need to memorize. 

Why Bagusoft Password Safe?

One of the most popular features of Bagusoft Password Safe is the dynamic data structure. You can store arbitrary data and you have not to use a fixed username/password structure. Define your own entries for your passwords, PINs, software licenses and much more. 

Another great feature is AutoFill. Use an easy and efficient script to write your data to a window if it pops up. For instance your username and password is written automatically to a login form. Together with the QuickAccess feature this provides a real comfortable way to login to your favorite internet site. 

The  Feature List lists all exiting functions in Bagusoft Password Safe.

The software is localized in English and German.

Go to Downloads to load a demo version.


What customers say:

"First, let me say what an absolutely fantastic piece of software your password safe is! Its far and away the best available."
Andrew, USA

"It is a very effective application that delights me with its simple handling and its clear structure." *
Norbert, Germany

"May I take this opportunity to say just how impressed I am with your software, I can have unique passwords for all my web accounts - it's great."
Dave, Great Britain

"I'm using your program Password Safe 2.1 and I am perfectly happy, especially regarding the flexibility of the program" *
Dietmar, Switzerland

"Congratulations to Password Safe, a nice and for me incredible helpful program." *
Wolfgang, Germany

"Congratulations to a really good password program." *
Carmen, Germany

"I'm using Password Safe now for a while and must say it's a super software" *
Bastian, Germany

"... may I say, that Password Safe is just great!!!. Good Work." *
Fabian, Germany

 * translated from German


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